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Bride Disrupted — Break All the Rules

Karen Anne Hopkins

Where does culture come from? Who creates trends, the rules of etiquette, and the personal milestones that we feel so beholden to?Whether it's the pressure to have your most perfect wedding and "bridal moment", or to have the perfect career, family, and body, our lives seem to be dictated by stories that guide us how to play the "perfect" part in any given moment.But what happens when our personal values don't align with the prescribed path? How do we resist the external pressures and get back to our soul's highest calling?Bride Disrupted is my study of how media, social media, and the archetypes that appear in our stories and pop culture influence the roles we ourselves play. It's also an exploration of personal discovery and spirituality as a way to help you step outside of the pull of the culture-scape and come home to what you truly desire.Hosted by creative visionary and storyteller, Karen Anne Hopkins. Follow: @bride.disruptedTopics:Spirituality, relationships, media, pop culture, communication, women's studies, sex, weddings, personal growth.